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Sep 05, 2017
Opera House, 106 E. Front St., TC
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Tuesday, Sept. 5th, 2017 - 6:00pm

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There is no official meeting in August, however we will be meeting at the Workshop Brew Pub for a meet and greet and some cocktails at the regular time, no presentations. Tuesday August 1st, 2017 at 6:00pm. see you there.


Be sure to sign up and RSVP your attendance through the meetup.com app which is linked at TCnewtech.org.


Reminder:  Members from the Department of Defense will be in Traverse City at the end of  August searching for new and emerging technologies. Specifically, they will be looking for technology companies to give presentations on topics such as cyber security; vehicle safety; light weight vehicles, autonomous vehicles and intelligent systems; connected vehicles; advanced storage technologies; propulsion technologies; and active suspension technologies. There are opportunities for no-strings attached technology development contracts. If interested, contact Mike Naughton or Dennis Arouca to discuss further.


How TCNewTech works:

We have 5 presenters each month. Each presenter is allowed 5 minutes to present and 5 minutes of Q&A (time limits are politely enforced). Between presenters the audience is allowed to make brief announcements for things such as job openings, persons seeking employment, and other events happening in the area related to technology. We also make announcements related to various TCNewTech initiatives such as the area wide fiber-optic, co-working/incubator space, etc.


The audience is typically made up of technology-minded people and consists mostly of programmers, IT staff, people looking for opportunities for their tech company, tech companies looking for staff, individuals looking for investment opportunity, start-up founders at all stages looking for investors and tech geeks that just like learning about new offerings.  Meetups are broadcast live via Facebook live stream. You can watch the live stream on the TCNewTech Facebook page. The videos remain there for later viewing.


After the presentations, attendees mingle for refreshments, food, and networking.


There is no cost to attend or to present at TCNewTech.


If you would like to present your technology related product or service at a future meeting, please submit you request via the form on the pitch request page linked at the top of the page and here. For additional information you can contact Russell Schindler at schindler@sampleserve.com or Lisa Baker at lbaker@accesspointhr.com with TCNewTech in the subject line and a brief description of your question or request.


TCNewTech Membership Donations

TCNewTech meetups remain free to the public and to the presenters, however to help maintain financial viability for the growth of our organization, we are asking members to voluntarily contribute at least $15 a year to help cover costs like website hosting and software expenses. Your $15 annual membership fee allows you to run for and/or vote for our Board of Directors. A donation/membership sign-up also gets you a “Shot of Inspiration” shot glass (while supplies last). Inherit additional membership benefits as they come! You can pay the $15 fee on the Meetup website or by credit card, cash or check (made payable to TCNewTech) at the door.

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