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Jul 05, 2016
ECCO - 121 E. Front Street, Downtown TC
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Next Meeting - July 5th, 2016 - 6:00pm


The TCNewTech line-up that was on June 7th, 2016 is listed below.


The social hour in June was sponsored by University of Michigan – Center for Entrepreneurship (http://cfe.umich.edu/tags/whats-cfe/). The Center for Entrepreneurship ecosystem is full of resources for tech. founders and their startup companies. If you are a startup company or thinking about starting a company you’ll want to be there and meet these people. We are fortunate to have them recognize TCNewTech and to speak and sponsoring Junes event.


We greatly appreciate that in June the venue was once again sponsored by Charter Spectrum, tv, internet and phone (Charter.net).


Be sure to sign up and RSVP your attendance for July 5th through the meetup.com app which is linked at TCnewtech.org.



Mike Groleau, RJG, Inc. – Promoting STEM Through Engaging Technologies in the Classroom: What started as an experiment to promote STEM education through the use of 3D printers in local schools turned into broader movement to create a comprehensive K-12 “pathway to success,” helping provide our kids with the skills and abilities they need to thrive in the 21st century.


Keith Weber, NMC – NMC’s CIT department is a comprehensive resource for developers and infrastructure technicians well-schooled in the latest technologies. Students earn industry certifications, college certificates, associate’s degrees. In association with Ferris State’s CIS and CIT programs, students earn bachelor’s degrees right here in TC. Join us to learn more about NMC programs!


Michael Caruso, SCORE – SCORE mentors provide Free, Confidential and Invaluable advice for those looking to start a business. Think of SCORE as your personal team of business advisors who can help guide you through the complexities of starting your business. They understand that starting a business can be daunting and they will help you step-by-step.


Tim Nash, Aveopt – VR and AR Discussion and examples of current and future uses of the technology.


Eric Bacyinski, U of M – Center For Entrepreneurship – The University of Michigan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is complex and full of resources for tech. founders and their startup companies. The presentation will focus on the programs and services offered by the Center For Entrepreneurship, and provide clarity on how alumni and tech. entrepreneurs can engage with the University’s resources.


Here is how TCnewtech works!

We have 5 presenters each month. Each presenter is allowed 5-minutes to present and 5-minutes of question and answers (time limits are politely enforced). Between each presenter the audience is allowed to make brief announcements for things such as job openings, persons seeking employment, other events happening in the area related to technology, etc… The audience is typically made up of technology minded people and consist of mostly of programmers, IT staff, people looking for opportunities for their tech company, tech companies looking for staff, individuals looking for investment opportunity, start-up founders at all stages looking for investors and tech geeks that just like learning about new things.


After the presentations, attendees mingle for refreshments, food and networking.


There is no cost to attend or to present at TCNewTech.


If you would like to present your technology related product or service at a future meeting, please contact Russell Schindler at schindler@sampleserve.com or Lisa Baker at lbaker@accesspointhr.com with TCnewtech in the subject line and a brief description of your technology presentation.

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