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Feet Hanging Over Building Edge
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Aug 02, 2016
Workshop Brewing
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Informal Meeting - August 2nd, 2016 - 6:00pm

Unfortunately next Tuesday’s August 2nd  formal TCNewTech meeting is being canceled. I’ve been scrambling to find presenters and it seems August is just not a good month. Both organizers and presenters are either on vacation or have friends and relatives vacationing at their homestead and are unavailable on Tuesday.


So, in lieu of a formal TCNewTech meeting, we will be having an informal gathering at the Workshop Brewing Co. located at 221 Garland Street. There will not be any formal presentations. Just networking and beer tasting.  So if you already have it on your calendar, just change the location.


We will resume formal presentations on Tuesday, September 6th.  If you would like to present in September please contact me (schindler@sampleserve.com) or Lisa Baker (lbaker@accesspointhr.com).


Here is how TCnewtech works!

We have 5 presenters each month. Each presenter is allowed 5-minutes to present and 5-minutes of question and answers (time limits are politely enforced). Between each presenter the audience is allowed to make brief announcements for things such as job openings, persons seeking employment, other events happening in the area related to technology, etc… The audience is typically made up of technology minded people and consist of mostly of programmers, IT staff, people looking for opportunities for their tech company, tech companies looking for staff, individuals looking for investment opportunity, start-up founders at all stages looking for investors and tech geeks that just like learning about new things.


After the presentations, attendees mingle for refreshments, food and networking.


There is no cost to attend or to present at TCNewTech.


If you would like to present your technology related product or service at a future meeting, please contact Russell Schindler at schindler@sampleserve.com or Lisa Baker at lbaker@accesspointhr.com with TCnewtech in the subject line and a brief description of your technology presentation.

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